usflag clip art 23711Semi Annual Meeting    usflag clip art 23711
May 7th @ 10:00
11818 Clark St . Arcadia
Everyone Come!!!
Door Prizes, Food and Drinks
New Signatory Contractor
Marble Tech LLC has signed 
with the BAC Local 4 and is officially a signatory contractor. 
Their information can be found under the 
"Signatory Contractors" tab
We've just finished negotiations and received
a 5 year contract!!
Wage increases will take effect on May 1, 2016.
Click on the "Wage Rates" tab to see the increases.
Just updated 4-25-16
are listed under the "apprentice" tab. Top 7
winners will be going on to represent local 4 
in Washington at the Western States contest.

International Bricklayer


Since its founding in 1865, the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers has actively fought to improve our members’ quality of life – on and off the job – through access to fair wages, good benefits, safe working conditions, and solidarity among members.

We represent the oldest crafts in the world and basically use the same tools and techniques as Masons and Tilesetters used 5000 years ago.




We are some of the hardest workers society has to offer.


Live Better Work Union


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